poniedziałek, 22 października 2012


Venice - the best part of my trip to Italy. It's really one of the most beautiful city in the world. It was cold and we were very tired, so forgive me my not the best look...

Italians love jewelry and other accessories made of glass.

Venice after dark is awesome! 

And we met many great wearing people. Here are some of them:

czwartek, 18 października 2012


I came across with the Red Onion on the occasion of receiving invitations to the show. I don't know why I've never been here before. You can get everything here: books, magazine (like "Vogue"), housing accessories, gadgets, as well as the stylish clothes. You can also have here a cup of coffee. Undre the brand  of "Red Onion" there is TFH Tymczasowy Butik. On a small space it collects young Polish brands, like: RISK made in Warsaw, Mozcau, Friends with Benefits, Morka+, Sis, and soon it will also appear Madox. Inside the boutique I was kindly welcomed by charming Bartek. As he mentioned, the main idea of this boutique is to show people that, for the price available in chain stores, here they can buy original clothes, such as trousers, blouse, skirt, jacket or different accessories of a very good quality made a Polish designer. And he's right! I found there many gorgeous stuff.

With Bartek :)

I fell in love with these pants!

Scarf - tube of a multi use :)

Cluth bags: 


And a bow-ties: