sobota, 23 lutego 2013

Cosmetic Top 10

Women often ask me about cosmetics which I use. Thence came idea of this post. Today I would like to show you my favorite cosmetics. It's my own TOP 10, my cosmetic hits. Most of them I used for years.
These cosmetics I can recommended with certainty.
Random order.

1. CARMEX - lip balm

Quickly heals my chapped lips, especially in winter. 

2. URIAGE - thermal water

Calms a sensitive skin. Great in the summer! 

3. PAT&RUB - eye cream

Only natural ingredients! Nourishes and moisturizes my skin under the eyes. For the anti-wrinkles effects I have to wait a little longer, but my skin in this area is in really good condition.

4. ARTDECO - eyeshadow base 

I have no problem lumping the eye shadows. This base keeps them in place perfectly. 

5. CHANEL - bronzing powder

Perfect shade and easy to apply. Really long lasting. You can use it only on the cheeks or on the whole face. Always in my handbag!

6. ESTEE LAUDER -  Double Wear Makeup

The best of the best foundations! Makeup wears for a many hours and I don't need correct it. My skin is so perfect with it. And I don't use face powder after use it.

7. NUXE - dry oil

Multi - usage oil I use for face, body and hair. Six precious oils and vitamin E perfectly nourish and repair dry hair ends and softens my skin. Invaluable in the winter!

8. NIVEA - cream

It's a classic. Sometimes I impose a thick layer for all night as a mask. From time to time I use the whole body, I often use it after the sunbathing.

9. PAT&RUB - sugar scrub

I love my skin after using this. Smoothes and nourishes. And body lotion isn't necessary after this. A big advantage: 100% natural Ingredients!

10. CLARENA - color sun cream

I always use it in the summer. Evens out color of my skin and protects against the sun, don't have to use foundation (I hate full makeup when it's hot outside). In the remainder of the year I use it when I don't have to have a full make up.

So, now you know my cosmetic hits. What are yours?

4 komentarze:

  1. masz sliczne kosmetyki :))

    Zapraszam na konkurs na moim blogu ;) Atrakcyjna wygrana :)

  2. woda termalna w upały niezawodna!

  3. use carmex all the time and love it :) what coverage is double wear about? more and more thinking if i should get it :)
    lots and lots of love

    1. You should get it if you need really good covering and you don't want to have the effect of mask :) I use it for years! :)